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Considering this is my “new and improved” blog, I’m excited to be featuring some of my weekly favorite tunes I find in and around the internet. I spend a lot of time just rummaging through Soundcloud and Spotify looking for new music, and it’s always fun to share my findings. For this week, I’ve been listening to some more chilled out stuff. Simple beats and good voices have been the theme as of lately.

I just recently found FKJ and found his track, Drops, pretty intriguing. It’s a simple track, but has the right amount of rhythm and unique sounds to keep you listening. Tom Bailey’s voice gives the track the “soul” treatment, easily making it one of my favorite songs at the moment.

Karma Kid is hands down one of my favorite producers. You can see variety in his fresh-sounding tropical beats, ranging from club pumping jams like It’s Always, or his more ambient songs like the one above. The transitions in this song are lusciously smooth and build up like soft waves… let’s just say this song makes me want to be at the beach again. He recently began another project named Shy Luv. If you dig Karma Kid’s stuff then definitely check them out!

Okenyo is another one of the many emerging female artists from Australia.  However, her melodic tones are incredibly expressive; she creates an image for you with every verse she sings. The up-beat tempo of the song makes it real catchy, and another one of my top picks this week.

Hope you all have a great rest of week and enjoy the tunes I left for you today. Make sure to follow me on Soundcloud to get more of my current favorites!

Outfit Details: Birkenstocks, Fossil Bag, Pacsun Hat, H&M Dress



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