No Boundaries is back.

It’s been a long time. As you clearly saw from my Instagram, and other social media outlets, my references to my fashion blog became extinct. The blog reached it’s end when I didn’t renew my original domain name, and I really couldn’t find a reason to renew it. Sure, I loved fashion, and writing, but I felt like I wasn’t being myself. I’m not the kind of person who likes to share every aspect of their live’s on the internet, and I started to feel like fashion blogging didn’t give me the privacy I wanted. Additionally, I started become more “realistic” in my career choices, I found that fashion may not be ideal for me. Due to numerous travel experiences, I have been exposed to the world and real world problems. I started to conclude that fashion really doesn’t have an impact, at least in making our lives better, or helping others. I didn’t see a purpose in having a blog, if I wasn’t really impacting anyone with it.  So I decided to delete everything. Twitter, Facebook page, removing the link on my Instagram, etc. I had grown sick of the fashion world, from learning the ridiculous money spent on the production of a fashion show, and the glorification of celebrities who set bad examples. I’m not one to judge often, but the fashion world has become a repetition of the same faces, same designs, and same aesthetics. Yes, it’s great to hear how successful and well-known some designers and models are, but how about something new? I grew uninterested in the topic of fashion this past year. And found myself gravitating more towards music. It is normal for our interests to change, and I became truly engrossed in music, specifically Soundcloud,  I could browse through hundreds of songs for hours just looking for one distinct song/musician. The experience of music and live music is something I have come to appreciate so much, and I love to share my musical findings and experiences. But as I became more engrossed in music, I saw the correlation it had with fashion. Fashion and music have no limits. You can be as original and extravagant as you want. Whether it’s through wearing a colorfully patterned dress, or listening to the most kawaii electronic music out there, it’s all about self-expression and appreciation of creativity. So, here I am writing to you today. A little more grown up and aware of the world, but ready to rekindle my love for fashion and share my newfound love for music with you. In the past, I have not been my true-self on this blog. From writing about my style, and posing in pictures I was just trying to fit into the stereotype of a successful fashion blog. But in all honesty, the only way to be successful as a blogger is to truly be yourself. I have missed having my blog as a creative outlet, and I hope to use it as a source to inspire and expose new ideas from fashion to music. So here’s to the future!



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