Bien Fait

As for some of my favorite tracks, I’ve got some new artists to share.

Do you ever just hear a song, and know 2 seconds in, it’s gonna be an instant favorite of yours? This wonderful moment occurred when I heard this track by British artist Zak Abel. The infectious but minimal groove, his amazing voice… you can see why I love this song so much. After listening to some of his other stuff, I can¬†definitely say he is an artist to watch.

I first came across Louie Lastic when I saw that he produced some tracks for the DC-based rapper Goldlink. When I first heard “The God Complex” I was not only impressed by Goldlink’s flawless flow and lyricism, but the production really stood out. This new wave of hip-hop has been dubbed as “future bounce”, and the emerging genre does a flawless job of mixing funk/soul with classic hip-hop, along with a touch of house/electronic music. Louie Lastic’s new release elaborates more on the musicality of this sound.

That’s all for today everyone. Make sure to check out these awesome artists, and follow me on Soundcloud to keep up with my current favorite tracks!



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